I’m a passionate person who needs to make things related to contemporary jewelry, photography and art, as well as needing to communicate with others.

My work is mainly based on observation of the landscape and how it has been interpreted in different cultural and artistic disciplines. Nature and ancient constructions, as well as the writing of ancient civilizations are starting points that open paths I like to follow, even though I never know exactly where they will take me.

I created «The Sparkling Fishes» beetwen Formentera and Girona. Hans the fish was born in 2010, Giulietta one year later and in 2013 they turned into «The Sparkling Fishes» series that I have been making continuously ever since. I have been incorporating both designs into different pieces like earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and brooches while working them in diverse techniques.  «The Sparkling Fishes» can be combined with any of these other collections: «Irregular Circles,» «Impossible» and «Delicious Geometry.»  So, I have also been using the fish in jewels related to each of these other topics.

This collection is based on the circle, a perfect geometric figure, which here is skewed. I use irregular circles intersecting with each other to design necklaces, earrings and rings.  The result is jewels with an air of simplicity and imperfection.